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Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Where is your cell phone right now? On the table in front of you? In your pocket? How about the cell tower they just put up across the street - did you even notice it? Is there WiFi where you’re sitting? Was that even on your radar, at all?

It’s 2020, and we live in a microwave.

In her groundbreaking book, Zapped, New York Times bestselling author Ann Louise Gittleman presents a compelling argument that much of today’s stress and illness is caused not by smoking cigarettes or eating junk food, but rather, by our gadgets.

“By some estimates,” Gittleman says, “we’re exposed daily to as much as one hundred million times more electromagnetic radiation than our grandparents were.”

One hundred million.

The number doesn’t even sound real, but after taking a deeper look, it might not be much of a stretch. Think about it. Just two generations ago, our grandparents had zero interactions with cell phones, wireless internet, microwaves, laptops, Bluetooth headsets, GPS systems, hair dryers, electric razors, or any other technological advancement of the last fifty years. While our gadgets and gizmos can tell us the weather in Toronto on command or nuke our dinners with ease, they also come at a cost.

“Electropollution is continually disturbing your sympathetic nervous system, which elevates your fight-and-flight response that in turn raises cortisol, your stress hormone,” says Gittleman.

Electromagnetic fields - also known as EMF’s - not only create damaging free radicals in the body, but they also prevent the body's natural processes of healing. They do so by putting the body in a chronically stressed state, which negatively affects our hearts, endocrine systems, digestive systems, even our fertility. “Some fertility specialists believe that chronic stress is responsible for as much as 30 percent of all fertility problems,” says Gittleman. “EMF exposure has been linked to poor sperm quality, fetal malformation, birth defects, and miscarriage.”

Gittleman says studies have shown that men who carry cell phones in their pockets report a lower sperm count (25% lower) than those who don't, and they also report decreased sperm quality – a startling fact I was first introduced to in Tim Ferriss' The Four Hour Body. But as Gittleman points out, we aren't just zapping our reproductive organs.

“In a 2006 study, it was found that those who used cell phones for two thousand cumulative hours had a 240 percent increased risk of developing a malignant tumor on the side of their head where they usually held their phone,” says Gittleman. And in another study, "Rates of leukemia in children living near power lines went up even though the measured field was a thousand times lower than the level deemed safe."

Will we ever give up our cell phones or WiFi or Alexa home helpers? No chance. It's 2020. That wouldn't be realistic. But there are some things we can do to enjoy the benefits of technology while not paying the price physically for it, and that's where Zapped comes in.

In a style thats practical and enjoyable to read, Gittleman presents a simple step-by-step guide to zap-proof your home - from your bedroom to your bathroom to your kitchen - as well as twenty-one different foods everyone should be adding to their diet to combat the effects of EMF pollution. She even throws in a handful of Zap-Proof Recipes for you to try.

Look... I get it. I know there's no way you’re going to put down your cell phone. I won't either. But if you won't put down the phone, the very least you should do is pick up this book and protect yourself.

Grab a hard copy, though.


Want a FREE copy of Zapped? Just post a comment below for a chance to win. Winners will be announced on Friday (6/26) @ 12PM CST! If you're our lucky winner, a few days later it'll be at your door!

Here's a link to the book:

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