026 | How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps by Ben Shapiro

It’s election season. Oh… so you’ve noticed? In a year with plenty of bumps and bruises, this election cycle has grown especially tense. Tempers are flaring. Emotions run high. It's everything you'd expect from a typical campaign—after all, it is election season.

In this week’s review, I took a look at How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps, written by bestselling author and radio host, Ben Shapiro. Shapiro is known across the country as an outspoken conservative voice, so I was surprised to see the book’s introduction take a notably moderate tone. He writes:

“Americans increasingly misperceive the nature of those who vote for the opposite political party. Democrats believe that only half of Republicans would acknowledge that racism still exists in America; in reality, the number is approximately 80 percent. Conversely, Republicans believe that just half of Democrats are proud to be an American; the actual number is about 80 percent.”

Much to my surprise, this book didn't necessarily push a Democrat vs. Republican narrative. While there were certainly places where Shapiro's right-leaning ideals were apparent, it didn't seem he wanted to make a habit of slamming Democrats in his writing. Instead, his stance was more focused. Shapiro contends that the war of this election is not between Republicans and Democrats, but rather, between the Unionists (who are true patriots) and the Disintigrationists (who want to tear the country apart and start over).

According to Shapiro, the Unionist stance is simple. Unionists believe in:

1) The reality of natural, inalienable rights

2) The equality of all human beings before the law

3) The belief that government exists only to protect those natural rights, and enforce that equality before the law

Disintigrationists believe the opposite, namely, that:

1) Humans, being malleable, don’t have any natural rights

2) Equality before the law is actually injustice; because equality of outcome is what should be desired

3) Government is the only mechanism that equality can be achieved

According to Shapiro, the Disintrigationists believe that America was born in sin, and her evils are beyond the pale and beyond redeeming. Therefore, they believe that a new government must be established—a government that forces its citizens to believe and behave in the way they see fit, effectively putting the parenting of the nation in the hands of its political elect.

Shapiro contends that not only will such a government never work, but the original governing ideal of America—that freedom and free markets will self-correct America’s evils—is the only our evils can go away.

“The founding fathers believed that human beings were endowed with inalienable rights,” he says. “But they were only optimistic about the exercise of those rights so long as people acted like adults.

Bad ideas may temporarily dominate human thought, but the founders believed that free minds would eventually make men free.

Government cannot change the hearts of human beings—it cannot make them that which they are not. Simply changing material circumstances does not result in man replacing his heart of stone with a heart of flesh.”

After looking at the language of the Constitution, it was clear to me that civil rights activists like Abraham Lincoln, Booker T. Washington, and Martin Luther King, Jr. did not seek for our government to eradicate the Constitution, but instead, to uphold it. These men changed the world for the better by imploring the political powers of the day to do what the Constitution promised, which was to uphold everyone's rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

In a season where America's ideals and history are being put on trial, Ben Shapiro’s How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps was a pleasant reminder of the goal our founders encouraged us to shoot for. In the words of Shapiro, “The story of America is neither wholly good nor wholly bad—but it is far more heroic than tragic, far more representative of justice than injustice.”

America is far from perfect, that much is clear, but because of the freedoms we've been afforded, at least we have a chance to try.


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